Garage Sale Question?

Answer The $$ depends on how you're pricing. If you have lot of things that require change you should get 2 rolls of quarters. I doubt you'll need $60 in ones. But again it depends on how you're pricing. ... Read More »

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Garage Sale!?

Keep all your items neat and organized, if it looks like a tip people will expect to pay practically nothing for things. Try and get a friend to help so you don't have to leave things unatended. I ... Read More »

What is the best day(s) to have a garage sale?

Sat Sun use Sun as half price day to get rid of everything

I'm having a garage sale...?

Okay, okay, first calm down, and DO NOT have it this weekend! This Saturday morning go to several on your own. Just ask how much different things cost. Bring $5, at most, just in case something f... Read More »

How do you have a garage sale?

First, set a date and time when you can devote your full time to this sale, for gathering up various articles as well as being able to attend the sale full time.Second, plan just what you're going ... Read More »