Gaming setup help needed!?

Answer start a YouTube gaming channel, you just need a normal windows computer($400-$500), and a good video editing software, I usually use Youtube Movie Maker to make/edit videos with great effects and u... Read More »

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Is this a decent gaming setup?

Gaming can use only four cores, so the FX-8120 is less powerful in gaming than FX-4170Otherwise, it is a decent budget system.It is approximately this one:â€... Read More »

How good is this budget gaming setup?

It's better than mine lol but anyway it's pretty good

How to setup Turtlebeach X31s to a monitor for gaming?

This May answer your question... Actually in full detail :) This helps,Rilze

Whats the best custom setup for a desktop for gaming?

I'd suggest you go up to a p8z77-v lx to take advantage of ivy bridge. For your CPU possibly an i5 3550 or 3570k if you want to overclock. Storage a western digital/ seagate barracuda 1tb and a cru... Read More »