Gaming monitor is best?

Answer I wouldn't buy a monitor that is designated a "gaming monitor" All the ones I have looked at in that category have been dull and slow response... Just find one with good specs... There is a really ... Read More »

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Which monitor, is the best gaming monitor?

Your ps3 needs a tv mate, and they are quicker than that, so buy a tv?

Which monitor is best for gaming 20" or 22" led monitor?

Your Graphic Card Maximum Resolution : 2560 x 1600 (Digital), 2048 x 1536 (Analog)Bigger resolutions "eats" a lot of performance, and your graphic card have much of it so it certainly will work.Wis... Read More »

Best monitor for gaming?

i have a LG flatron 19" and that has 3000 contrast ratio and i play call of duty (mega fan, got the new one just out) and it is the best (got it on but you can also get 15" ones

Best PC Monitor Settings for PS3 Gaming?

Normaly when you start a game in PS3 for the first time a dialog box show up to adjust the brightness to your liking or to their likes. adjust the contrast and brightness and calm down the sharpne... Read More »