Gaming Top Line Computer Help?

Answer wow hope u c & p all that, 99.99% of the time, BSOD & lagging what's happening, u don't have any idea's, well its ur running out of virtual ram, now u know what that is, & what cause's it, so fix i... Read More »

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Gaming Computer Help?

The X51 is the better. With your max price, this computer should run your games (Runescape, Diablo 1 - 3, Starwars Old Republic, Age of Conan, etc) smoothly at highest detail setting.

Gaming computer rig help?

Pay no attention to John, he has no idea what he's doing. That rig is perfect for that price range, just might want to upgrade the graphics card.

Gaming computer power help?

500w seems suitable for that graphics card. Have you tried updating you're graphics drivers?Try here: Read More »

New gaming computer need help?

Sometimes depending on how far it will boot and what version of windows it is. You can hit the F8 key as it is first starting up and get into safe mode. From there you can get into "My Computer" an... Read More »