Gaming PC Monitor FREE 10 POINTS?

Answer My monitor is an old hp pavilion f1703 and has not enough contrast to read the oh-well-so-modern gray textes of our times pleasantly.So I'd watch for a high contrast.

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TV Monitor and Computer Monitor, Which is better for PC gaming as well as Xbox?

TV for gaming WAS a big no no but TV came a long way since then. I think it's more of a personal choice now. Some people don't like to see 24" resolution (1900x1200) on a 40" screen because it's ki... Read More »

What monitor should I get for gaming?

make sure that they have a refresh rate of at least 120ghz or 60ghz with game mode to avoid blurs during action events and support 1080p. I have this one and it's superb in gaming and video playbac... Read More »

Which is the best monitor for gaming?

Go for Samsung Syncmaster series monitorsThey are the best when it comes to gamingAnd 2-5 ms dont really matter these daysPlus syncmaster series has alot of choices so you have a wide variety to ch... Read More »

Gaming monitor is best?

I wouldn't buy a monitor that is designated a "gaming monitor" All the ones I have looked at in that category have been dull and slow response... Just find one with good specs... There is a really ... Read More »