Gaming PC - is this a decent custom PC?

Answer this pc is absolute owsum for u i mean u can play all games in high sitting without any lagit is the prefect pc for you take my advice take this pc if u want to play games on it

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Is this a decent gaming pc?

Yes ,a good 600 watt psu would be better , good that you pick a i5-3750 , with those specs gaming is good to medium settings some can get to high settings , in this case i would go with a gtx 660 ... Read More »

IS this decent for gaming?

Its ok its not the best but it would play those games at low settings .For $600 your not going to get much but you need to be looking at something with specs like CPU: Intel Pentium G850 $78Mobo: A... Read More »

Is this a decent gaming laptop?

uh yes it is a fair gaming computer, but for a few dollars more i believe you can get the Quad core rather than the Dual core, which would be totally worth it.but the dual core should be just fine,... Read More »

Is this a decent gaming monitor?

I wouldn't really say either one is bad.The things that I think are essential are response time and refresh rate.The response time on both is fine. I would love a monitor with a 240hz refresh rate.... Read More »