Games to Teach Reading Comprehension?

Answer Teachers and parents can find a wide variety of activities to reinforce reading comprehension. Literacy games offer students fun experiences that motivate them and strengthen their reading skills. ... Read More »

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How to Teach Reading Comprehension?

Early readers need to learn more than the sounds of letters and that individual letters grouped together form words. As they learn to read simple books, they need to learn how to understand what is... Read More »

How to Teach Reading Comprehension to ESL Kids?

One of the most difficult tasks an English as a Second Language (ESL) teacher must face is teaching her students how to read English. Instructors commonly teach this task in one-on-one or small gro... Read More »

How to Teach First Grade Reading Comprehension?

Books become a large part of a child's life in the first grade. While much focus in the early elementary years is placed upon literacy, reading comprehension is also an important skill for first gr... Read More »

How to Teach a Reading Comprehension Lesson Using Art?

The ability to accurately depict a literary piece in your mind while using imagination to fill in the blanks is an important part of reading comprehension. If students cannot visualize a story, the... Read More »