Games to Teach 1st Graders How to Read and Do Math?

Answer When children play, they learn. Teachers who use games to teach first-graders how to read and do math help instill confidence in young people. Use games that teach vocabulary, sentence patterns and... Read More »

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How to Teach Second Graders to Read Informational Text?

Most kids begin reading fiction grounded in fantasy that sparks the imagination. But they also need to learn to read text that contains information about the world around them. Such texts, generall... Read More »

How to Teach Second Graders Math Using the Number Line?

By second grade, math concepts begin to become a lot more difficult. Students study basic operations, skip-counting by multiples, measurement and place value, among others. Introduce number lines t... Read More »

How to Teach Math to 4th Graders Using the 3-Part Lesson Plan?

A three-part lesson plan gives a structure to math lessons. It will include a mental or oral activity to start, followed by the main activity of the lesson and will finish with a plenary. Planning ... Read More »

Math Games for Third-Graders?

Math is boring at times, especially for students who are not naturally gifted at the subject. However, games offer a fun method to help explain math topics. Third grade students should learn how to... Read More »