Games to Play in Psychology Class?

Answer Using games in a psychology class can illustrate important psychological principles and can develop student interest in specific aspects of psychological study. They can also help students to remem... Read More »

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Math Games to Play with Your Class?

Math is often a difficult subject for a lot of students, but what is a better way to help students learn than by playing games? When you make something fun, students are more eager to learn. With ... Read More »

Math Games for the Whole Class to Play?

Interactive classroom games are a great way to enhance learning and remove stress or boredom from the process. Group games in different formats, such as racing games, puzzles or computer games are ... Read More »

Funny Games to Play in Class?

In the midst of teaching a lesson to your students, you may begin to wonder, "Why aren't they paying attention to me?" The reason possibly stems from students' boredom at having to sit in a desk an... Read More »

French Games to Play in Class?

Learning new languages can take a lot of time and patience, something that many of your students may have when it comes to French. Using French games in your classroom may help them learn French mu... Read More »