Games to Learn Norwegian?

Answer Norwegian is a Scandinavian language that has existed for many centuries. About 5 million people worldwide speak Norwegian--almost all of them live in Norway. Norwegian can be a difficult language ... Read More »

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How to Learn Norwegian Language in USA?

Five million people speak Norwegian, a Germanic language, worldwide, but many more nonnative speakers may be on their way to fluency without even knowing it. Commonly used English words such as rig... Read More »

How to Learn Norwegian Grammar?

Her majesty Queen Sonja of Norway and the Mayor of SandnesOne of the nicest things when learning Norwegian is the simplicity behind the grammar. Though it can help if you are familiar with other No... Read More »

Should I learn Swedish or Norwegian?

On One Hand: Swedish LanguageThe Swedish dialects are classified into two simple groups; traditional and modern. Although those groups do have a few sub-types, many areas of usage and foundation ov... Read More »

How to Learn Your ABC Games?

The alphabet is a critical part of young curriculum. Being able to recognize and say the names of letters and their sounds is the foundation for strong language development, and gives your child a ... Read More »