Games to Keep Kids Busy?

Answer Kids usually need to stay busy the majority of the time. Boredom can lead to mischief, and whether in school or at home, games can be a key technique to keep kids out of trouble. There are several ... Read More »

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How do you keep your kids busy over summer vacation?

Introduce them to the world of literature.Give them incentives.Read with them sometimes. Let them start learning some hands-on activity--model building, ceramics, gardening.Have them plan a day tr... Read More »

How to Keep a Six Year Old Busy?

Six year olds are pretty active and need to be on the go. They also don't have a very long attention span. They need to be kept busy. Here is how to occupy the mind of a six-year old.

How to Keep Someone Busy All Afternoon?

Sometimes you know someone that you just want to get out of your hair for a while, but you don't want to hurt their feelings by telling them to just go away. So why not have them go on an online fi... Read More »

How to Keep Your Dog Busy for Hours?

Does your dog love to bother you when you're trying to relax? Here are some lazy person's dog-busying tips. Feel free to add your own.