Games supported by pci graphic cards?

Answer don't buy sprarkle geforce 9500 gt 1 gb graphics card and most importantly don't go with nvidia for budget graphics card.if your budget can handle 9500 gt then I would highly recommend you tobuy MS... Read More »

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Are PCI Express graphic cards supported on an AGP slot?

PCI Express and AGP come from two completely different standards. Unfortunately, this means that PCI Express graphics cards cannot be employed in systems with AGP slots. Besides specification confl... Read More »

Are PC Express graphic cards supported on an AGP slot?

Every few years, computer parts manufacturers release new form factors for PC graphics cards. An AGP slot will not support any graphics card in the PCI Express family. The two form factors have who... Read More »

What graphic card is supported for my

Check for the PCIE -x16 Slot in your system what is the wattage of your power supply unit in PC it should be 400 W for low & mid range graphics card & minimum 500W for high end graphics card suc... Read More »

Are video cards&graphic cards the same?

A video card is the same thing as a graphics card. Both terms refer to a specialized microchip designed to deliver computer graphics to a monitor's screen. A video card or graphic card is often use... Read More »