Games on Reducing Fractions for Kids?

Answer Fractions can be difficult for kids to grasp, especially when it comes to reducing them. Many children struggle with the concept of fraction reductions, not to mention the rules for doing so. Websi... Read More »

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Games With Fractions for Kids?

Mastering fractions often presents a challenge to students, as the subject can seem quite abstract. Instead of allowing your students to muddle through this topic, make the concepts more concrete a... Read More »

Activities for Reducing Fractions?

Fractions can be a challenging concept for children to learn and master. Once students understand the basic concept of fractions, they can move on to learning how to reduce or simplify fractions. T... Read More »

Help With Fractions for Kids?

Fractions are everywhere. Anything that is divisible into pieces or smaller units, such as a pie, a dollar or a sandwich, can be represented by fractions. They are, in addition to percentages and d... Read More »

How to Add & Subtract Fractions for Kids?

Fraction work involving operations poses problems for even the most intelligent students. In order to learn how to do operations with fractions, you must understand that the numerator, or top numbe... Read More »