Games for the Qwerty E71?

Answer Today's cell phones allow you to do more than make calls. Mobile games can be downloaded onto phones to turn them into small gaming devices. Mobile games of all sorts are available to download for... Read More »

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Who coined"QWERTY"?

QWERTY---which refers to the first six letters on the top row of a computer keyboard layout---is a system that began with typewriters. In 1875, Christopher Sholes arranged the letters in the order ... Read More »

Who created qwerty?

The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Christopher Latham Sholes in Wisconsin in 1874. The keyboard was originally designed to slow typists down to prevent keyboards from jamming. Sholes earned a pate... Read More »

Who invented QWERTY keyboards?

The QWERTY keyboard was invented by Charles Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter, in 1868. It is named for the first five letters on the top left of the keyboard, "Q," "W," "E," "R," "T" and "Y."... Read More »

Who invented the qwerty key board?

In 1875, Christopher Sholes and Amos Densmore rearranged the keys of the traditional typewriter so that popular letters were further away from each other. This was intended to prevent the type bars... Read More »