Games for preschoolers geared around native americans?

Answer Cornhusk Shuttlecock GameSort of like a modern day badminton...take a cornhusk and attach 3 feather to it. Then, make wooden paddles and the idea is to see who can keep it in the air the longest (... Read More »

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Why do Native Americans have body art?

Native Americans have had and do display many forms of body art. Most of these adornments are traditional and symbolic. Throughout history Native American groups have adorned themselves with body p... Read More »

Do Native Americans in the US Army get paid more?

You do not receive any additional pay or benefits for being a Native American.

What is your favorite song about Native Americans?

The very same as you in that order.Great choices.Cher and the Raiders.

Meanings of Raccoons to Native Americans?

Raccoons are featured in many examples of American Indian art and are considered a symbol of dexterity and the power of disguise. Known as cunning scavengers, raccoons rely heavily on their front p... Read More »