Games for Teaching Arabic Alphabets?

Answer Passive learning through play is a tried-and-true educational method. Bingo and flashcards can help teach Arabic alphabet recognition, while other games can help with individual letter pronunciatio... Read More »

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Ideas for Teaching English to a Five-Year-Old Who Speaks Arabic?

Teaching a new language to children is generally easier than teaching to adults. As their brains are still developing, young ones between ages two and six are eager to soak up new information and a... Read More »

Arabic Language Games?

Games can help make learning the Arabic language fun and exciting. They also provide students with a relaxing way to practice their language skills and can be used to lighten or improve the classro... Read More »

Arabic Reading Games?

Arabic reading games are similar to other language reading games except for the difference in script and cultural traditions. Poetry, for example, is a beloved tradition in the Arab world, and read... Read More »

Arabic Language Learning Games?

Arabic is spoken throughout the Muslim world and it belongs to the Semitic group of languages. Arabic words are constructed by using a root system. This consists of three letters that tell you the ... Read More »