Games for Spelling Words in the Sixth Grade?

Answer Spelling is a common subject throughout early and middle school. Although it has the potential to be taught in an exciting, engaging manner, spelling is often based on textbooks and uninteresting a... Read More »

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Spelling Activities for Sixth Grade?

Standard spelling is important for communication because a misspelled word may make an otherwise intelligent person seem silly. Because building spelling skills is a lifelong goal, every student in... Read More »

Games for Practicing Spelling Words?

Learning to spell new words can be a boring and repetitive task for learners. When spelling drills and flash cards become too dull, turn to spelling games for an interesting alternative. Calling up... Read More »

Games to Help Me Remember My Spelling Words?

Studying spelling words is part of many kids' weekly routines as they prepare for their Friday spelling tests. But it can become a boring, tedious process without a little variation. Find ways to m... Read More »

Games to Help with Studying Spelling Words?

Spelling is a difficult subject for some children, whether they confuse letter sounds, mix letters up or have other reasons for having difficulty. These children, as well as the rest of the class, ... Read More »