Games for Kids to Educate Them About Sanitation?

Answer Children love to get dirty and make a mess. While this is developmentally normal, teachers and other caregivers can still work to teach children about sanitation and how trash, germs and pollutants... Read More »

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Games to Educate Children?

Educational games help to support other, more structured, educational activities. These games encourage the child to learn in a fun and natural environment. These games also help the child learn to... Read More »

Fun Games to Educate Children About Recycling?

According to the Clean Air Council, it takes 90 percent less energy to recycle an aluminum can that to create a new can. Recycling helps alleviate air and land pollution, according to the Clean Air... Read More »

Cosmetology Sanitation Information?

Disease-causing bacteria thrive in unsanitary environments. Does your beauty salon provide a habitat for unhealthy microbes that can lead to repulsive looking or life-threatening infections? Good s... Read More »

Proper Hygiene & Sanitation?

Infection fears are rising as world populations increase and drug-resistant germs become harder to kill. As a report from the Pasteur Institute points out, there are more people with compromised im... Read More »