Games for Elementary Reading?

Answer Imagine staring at the letters on this page and not knowing what they say. From an early age, many people take reading for granted. Those who struggled have vivid memories of the frustrations. Lear... Read More »

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How to Set Up an Elementary Reading Program?

Reading is the foundation for all learning. Students must be able to read to participate in all areas of academics. Providing a wide variety of reading activities, such as phonics instruction, spel... Read More »

The Best Methods of Teaching Elementary Reading?

Reading involves the acquisition of two vital skills; decoding and comprehension. Decoding is working out what a word says through the use of phoneme (sound) knowledge. Comprehension is understandi... Read More »

Teacher Activities for Elementary Reading?

Elementary school teachers focus on developing students' reading and thinking skills as well as helping them to discuss and answer comprehension questions. There are a number of different learning ... Read More »

Elementary Reading Learning Centers?

The International Academy of Education (IAE) identified several principles of effective learning. One of these is that learning requires the active, constructive involvement of the learner. Setting... Read More »