Games for Children Using Sunflowers?

Answer Sunflowers are not just for growing, smelling and seed-picking. Get your children or students participating in fun and educational games that involve sunflowers. Have the children re-create a sunfl... Read More »

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Fun Games for Children 7 to 12?

Children between the ages of seven and 12 are coming into their unique personalities while developing independence and maturity. You may find it difficult to get them involved in games without caus... Read More »

War-Like Children's Games?

War is a popular card game played by children around the world. In the game, a deck of cards is divided between two players. Each player holds his cards in a face-down pile. Each person flips a car... Read More »

Get to Know You Games for Children?

Even the most outgoing child can clam up around a group of unfamiliar people. Children can also become fast friends, with a little help. For the first day of school or camp, come armed with games t... Read More »

Children's ESL Games?

Learning English can be a challenge for anyone who didn't grow up with the language. For young children, learning the nuances of English can prove to be even more challenging. Fortunately, there ar... Read More »