Games for Alabama History?

Answer The state of Alabama was once inhabited by various Native American tribes. In fact, the state was named after one of these tribes. Although Native American heritage and the overall history of Alaba... Read More »

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Games for History?

Playing games helps children learn and retain information in a non-traditional, yet effective, way. One subject that offers plenty of opportunities for game play is history. With such an abundance ... Read More »

What team won the most games in nfl history?

The Chicago Bears have won the most games in National Football League history. The Bears, a member of the NFL since 1920, have won 693 games against 507 losses and 42 ties, as of this April 2010 wr... Read More »

History Games for 1st-Graders?

The attention of first-graders must be captured and held by colorful, creative and interesting lesson presentations for effective learning to occur. First-graders learn faster when the learning mat... Read More »

History of the First 3D Video Games?

The earliest video games were developed in the late 40s and then during the 50s, and included very basic games such as "Tennis for Two" and "Tic Tac Toe." During the 60s, "Spacewar!" was developed,... Read More »