Games That Use the Wii Motion Camera?

Answer The motion detecting camera manufactured by Ubisoft attaches to the Nintendo Wii with an universal serial bus (USB) connector. This technology aims to create an interactive user experience with som... Read More »

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Can you recommend an inexpensive home security camera that activates when motion is detected?

What you are asking for may actually require several different components. I have never seen any type of "kit" available off the shelve that will give you what you are asking for, but there could b... Read More »

What is the least expensive digital video camera out there that has slow motion?

Technically speaking, I believe JVC has the win here, with qualifications. Quite a few of their consumer DV camcorders, such as the GR-DF450 ($299.95 at B&H) have what they call "Live Slow" mode. T... Read More »

My Camera Canon SD750 when it's plays back a video that i recorded on it always fast forwards and when I try to go slow motion on a video theres no sound to?

Consult your camera manual. It is normal for a playback at other than normal speed to have no sound. There would be no point, as the sound would be distorted. Also, some cameras will record sound, ... Read More »

Preschool Motion Games?

Motion games for preschoolers are ideal for helping them develop their large motor skills, while providing fun and safe activities. Motion games can also involve a variety of skills such as early r... Read More »