Games That Use Tessellations?

Answer Learn to create tile floors from a wide range of polygonal shapes or build an entire town from tessellations, including tessellated people, animals, trees, flowers and houses in Tessellation Town. ... Read More »

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Why were tessellations created?

Tessellations were created to decorate mosques, churches and other ancient architecture. Not only were tessellations used for ornamental purposes, these mosaic designs expressed views of religion, ... Read More »

How to Draw Tessellations?

Tessellation is the process of creating a two dimensional plane using the repetition of geometric shape with no overlaps and no gaps.

Instructions on Tessellations?

Tessellations are shapes that repeat in patterns which do not overlap or leave holes in the pattern. Playing with tessellations improves spatial and math skills, allowing patterns and behaviors of ... Read More »

How to Make Fish Tessellations?

A tessellation is a repeating motif that is used in puzzles, tile and artistic works. A tessellation stands out from other patterns because it features a single shape or collection of different sha... Read More »