Game show convicts fight to survive on a Island no not death race ..island?

Answer Merv Griffin.

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Where does the inventor go after beating the game show on game show island poptropica?

The inventor goes near Holmes (underground), so when you see pst... in here! or something like that,that's where the inventor is (this is main street for your information in poptropica).

How do you beat the scaredy pants game show on game show island?

Do all the things it says to do. (Example: when it says "seperate the tarantulas, snakes, and mice", put each one in it's correctly labled bin.)

How do you get a ticket to do the game show on main street in game show island?

How do you get the tv working in game show island?

The Kerplunk show (a version of Wipeout) requires you to run through 3 obstacle courses. 1) The boot wall : you can make your way across by watching for doors that are about to open, but beware tha... Read More »