Gallbladder is malformed and fliped at at top?

Answer Ashley, the term "flipped" is legitimate but rarely used by doctors. Instead it's more commonly referred to as a "torsion" which means twisting, "volvulus." Torsion of the gallbladder is a condi... Read More »

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Why does pain come from places other than the gallbladder during a gallbladder attack?

It is what they call radiating pain, similarly when people with heart infarct (angina pectoris) report pain radiating in their arms/shoulders (phrenic nerve irritation).

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What does the gallbladder do?

It stores bile which is needed in food digestion.

Do i have a problem with my gallbladder?

This could be your gallbladder, but it could also be a problem somewhere else along the GI tract, such as in the stomach itself. There really is no way to know for sure until you've had a few test... Read More »