Gaining muscle women: How to get thick firm legs with big round buttbest answer?

Answer adding to this other answer, add some leg extensions fairly heavy at 15 reps to firl up and bulge your upper thighs with a thick muscle, stallion xD sounds sexy on a women, turns my crank, an... Read More »

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What can I eat while gaining muscle?

If you are in the process of gaining weight and muscle like I did in the past, you should not be fixated around protein as all you need is whey in the morning and after your workout. The total prot... Read More »

What is the best muscle-gaining supplement?

On One Hand: Creatine for Muscle GrowthCreatine is widely touted by fitness and health professionals as the best legal supplement for supporting muscle growth. It increases the production of adenos... Read More »

Why arent i gaining muscle?

Look at your technique, try to improve it all the time, do each movement slowly up and slowly down, dont do it fast as momentum doesnt break the muscle fibres as much as doing it slowly, you might ... Read More »

Best way for gaining muscle size?

Your calorie intake has to greatly increase. Protein is good for rebuilding muscles after a workout. The best exercises for gaining mass are the basic ones like squats, dead lifts, bench press. ... Read More »