Gagging when getting braces molds/impressions?

Answer Crazy as this sounds but it worked for me if you make a tight fist with your thumb on the inside it greatly reduces the gag reflex. Good luck:)

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Why Does My Cat Sound Like He Is Gagging?

Cats make many noises as they wander around. Sometimes, such noises cause concern or show a potential health problem in your feline friend. Vomiting or hairballs cause the majority of gagging sound... Read More »

How can I make my self puke without gagging?

If your body needs to vomit, it will do so of its own accord with no help needed.Try eating some burnt toast if you feel nauseous

How can you tell the difference between choking and gagging?

I've heard that has long as they are coughing, then it's okay. That means that the air passage is not blocked. Ditto on crying.It's when they aren't making a sound, that you should worry.

How to Avoid Gagging While Brushing Your Tongue?

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