GUM gum GUM gummy GUM?

Answer Some people consider it a sweet, some dont. I think it could be either bc you can get sugarfree gum and sweets are usually considered to be sugary. But gum also taste sweet. It can go either way. I... Read More »

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Gummy worms or gummy bears?

What do gummy bears contain?

Gummy bears are made of some basic ingredients. However, the addition of flavors, food coloring and vitamins, and the substitution of vegetarian ingredients, produce many varieties of the popular c... Read More »

Synthetic Oil Vs. Oil Gummy?

The two types of engine oil are synthetic and petroleum-based. Synthetic oil withstands harsher temperatures, lubricates better and withstands colder temperatures than petroleum-based oils. Neglect... Read More »

Do you like gummy bears?

personally, they have no taste and have you heard what they're made of? Gross.