GTX 680 RED SCREEN and other....?

Answer Don't RMA yet.The latest nvidia drivers are extremely unstable for the 600 series cards. I had lots of issues with my SC'd 670 running the latest drivers. However, uninstall the current drivers, th... Read More »

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How BIG is your...t. v. and what is the inchage Big screen, Flat screen, 48", 36", 25", other, what?

I have a 12 inch color TV in my room that has a DVD player in it and it is an old TV and it works just fine

How can you let the other person in a video call see your screen?

We need to know what program you are using. I am just going to go ahead and assume you are using Skype. There is a + sign on the bottom of the screen, press it and you will get a couple options. On... Read More »

My screen is stretched on Facebook, and other things on the internet?

He may of zoomed in accidentally. Try hitting Ctrl+0. That's zero, not the letter.

HTC not offering unlock screen when other network sim inserted?

There won't be any option. If you switch ON your HTC Sensation with a Not ACCEPTED SIM Card it will ask for a PIN code, then enter your SIM card PIN and press OK. Now it will ask to enter an "unloc... Read More »