GTX 550 Ti VS HD Radeon 6850?

Answer The HD 6850 gives the most for your money of any card other than the 7750.The links go to a site designed for thousands of consumers who use cards like this to put them through their paces and post... Read More »

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Radeon HD 6850 vs Radeon HD 6870?

6870…6850…There seem to be hardly any difference in performance as well.

Sapphire AMD Radeon HD 6850 1GB PCI-E Video Card?

Yes it will definitely support your mother board because your mother board has an x16 pci-e slot which is compatible with your gfx card and 32 bit win 7 os.

How can I connect my RGB Monitor Cable to my AMD HD Radeon 6850 Graphics Card?

Your link to the RGB input example is dead. I assume you mean VGA. Use a DVI-I to VGA adapter, often included with video cards. Try something like… and pl... Read More »

Is the OCZ CoreXStream series 500w power supply sufficiant and reliable enough to run my radeon 6850 + fx4170?

I wouldn't go with an ocz power supply especially not one this cheap.low quality power supplies blow up,and take the rest of your pc with it,don't buy a shitty cheap one.think of it this way,they m... Read More »