GPS navigation devices used in vehicles?

Answer Inputing your destination into a GPS unit is very easy. While the exact method varies by device, typically it's a matter of typing out the address using an onscreen keyboard. Some have touch scre... Read More »

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How to Place GPS Tracking Devices on Vehicles?

Maybe you want to keep track of your teenager's driving habits when he borrows the car on Friday nights. Perhaps you have a few employees who work outside of the office and you want to be sure that... Read More »

Do new vehicles have tracking devices?

All new vehicles do not include tracking devices. General Motors installs the OnStar system in 50 of its models. Automobile owners can elect to install devices manufactured by InTouch MVC and LoJac... Read More »

Can we scan number plates of vehicles from "optical character recognition" devices?

"Is it possible to scan number plates of vehicles from OCR devices"Yes thats how the police do it."if it can what is the minimum distance should be there between this device and number plates for p... Read More »

Components Used in a Car Navigation System?

The vehicle navigation system can help you locate, and travel to, addresses while in the car. The navigation system, also called Global Positioning System (GPS) uses satellites to pinpoint almost a... Read More »