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Answer GPS devices are receivers only unless you buy a specific device that has tracking capability. This means that they are like an AM/FM radio and don't send out their own signal and are not trackable... Read More »

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I am Buying a home theater system, what is a good system to buy that is not expensive.?

What is the difference between a PA system and power amp systems , which system can use for big Mosque?

An amplifier is merely an amplifier. A PA system would include an amplifier, speakers & microphones.

Explain the following with their examples 1. Digital system 2. Analog system?

Do you want a compare and contrast answer with that?

Do you know "Why TMS system not equipd with GPS mapping System for all Indian Railway Tracks?

Because GPS is only accurate to within 4 - 10 metres. You could fit 2 or 3 trains on parallel tracks within a 10m width. how would you know which train was on which track? And since the traffic con... Read More »