GP Telephone Consultations?

Answer Your GP can prescribe medication based on a telephone consultation. Each case is different but generally your doctor can prescribe medications based on your statements of symptoms described over t... Read More »

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How many Invisalign consultations should I go to?

Don't price shop. The consultations should be to find an orthodontist who you feel comfortable with. I always recommend seeing an orthodontist for any type of braces. Invisalign is only for cert... Read More »

I have seen 2 different orthodontists for consultations and have gotten 2 different responses advice?

If I were you, I think I'd choose the university. While I would feel a little cautious about being treated by students, even if they're being overseen, it sounds like they'll be taking a much more ... Read More »

How telephone numbers are assign to the subscribers by the telephone exchange?

All the numbers go into a giant pool as they build a central office. In the old days, they used to allocate specific numbers for different functions, like maybe the 6500 group for business hunting... Read More »

Can you transfer a landline telephone number to a cellular telephone?

It is possible to take your landline telephone number and transfer it to a cellular telephone, according to Utility Consumers' Action Network. Numbers can also be transferred from one cell phone pr... Read More »