GMMXLE in google today . What is the MMXL Meaning in Google doodle today ?

Answer Notice for a minute, that the G and the e are different colours from the MMXl. The MMXl are yellow and they stand for the year 2011. In Roman numerals, M = 1000, X = 10. and l = 1. Added together, ... Read More »

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What does the MMXL mean the google logo today?

MMXL means 2011.It is deprived from Roman Numerals.And Google put it in between and outlined in yellow so that it represents the new year.I think it's very clever but I'll admit that at first I did... Read More »

Google's Doodle today. Not honoring Good Friday, instead Hans Christian Andersen's birthday. Opinion ?

I'm also wondering about Google's reason.

What is with the Google title today is today some sort of holiday?

Just click on the google title, its about an artist named Igor.

Why does google say gmmxle?

If you visited this morning you were sure to notice something different.Google is famous for changing their homepage to match the holidays. Google has changed their site to say GMMXLE in... Read More »