GMC Sierra Bolt Torque Specifications?

Answer The GMC Sierra, a full-size pickup truck, is similar to the Chevrolet Silverado. These trucks have been produced, with different names, since 1975. Because of the diverse needs of pickup truck owne... Read More »

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U-Bolt Torque Specifications?

A U-bolt is a type used on automobiles to join certain components. These bolts, like any other on a car, have specific torque, or tightening, values. Proper application of torque ensures all of you... Read More »

Specifications of a Bolt Torque?

A bolt is a type of screw used as a fastener on vehicles. Bolts are the main fasteners used on the engines of vehicles. Apply a certain amount of torque to each bolt to secure the engine in its pla... Read More »

What are the ARP Bolt Torque Specifications?

ARP bolts and studs are a brand of aftermarket screws used to fasten and secure different parts of an engine. Car manufacturers sometimes use them when building the engine. Most often, though, car ... Read More »

Intake Bolt Torque Specifications?

An intake manifold connects the cylinder head to the carburetor or fuel-injection system with long tunnels. It must bind correctly with the cylinder head or the fuel/air mixture will leak out and ... Read More »