GMC Hub Torquing Specs?

Answer GMC produces engines for many different brands of cars and trucks. Pontiac, Chevrolet, GM, Buick, Cadillac and Oldsmobile have all featured engines built by GMC. A vibration damper controls the vib... Read More »

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How to Use Extensions When Torquing Bolts?

Using extensions when torquing bolts may be necessary if the bolt is in a hard to reach place. The extension will allow you to reach the bolt while the torque wrench allows you to torque the bolt t... Read More »

BMW X5 Specs?

The BMW X5 is a sports utility vehicle that comes in five trim levels for 2011: the XDrive35i, the XDrive35D, the XDrive35i Premium, the XDrive35i Sport Activity and the XDrive50i. All have four do... Read More »

GTA 4 Car Specs?

"Grand Theft Auto IV" by Rockstar Games continues the gaming phenomenon that is "GTA." The game features a more varied list of vehicles than its predecessors, with more than 100 available to be use... Read More »

Car Oil Specs?

Car engines have oils that protect the car from damage by providing a variety of functions such as acting as a lubricant and cooling the vehicle's internal parts. While oil changes can be a hassle,... Read More »