GMC Canyon Grill Overlay Instructions?

Answer Most grill overlays for the GMC Canyon come with instructions on how to assemble them. A majority of grill overlays are installed by snapping them onto the existing grill and securing them with a f... Read More »

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Instructions on How to Install a Billet Grill?

A billet grill is a grill that has slats in it just wide enough to allow water and air to circulate to and from the car's radiator but narrow enough to prevent rocks and other debris from damaging ... Read More »

New Audi TT Grill Conversion Instructions?

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Is there a hotel in Grand Canyon Park with a deck overlooking the canyon?

There are seven lodges in the Grand Canyon, although the view of the Canyon will vary from each one. Some places, like El Tovar, are quite old and have hosted celebrities such as Theodore Roosevelt... Read More »