GM Vehicles That Offer Diesel Engines?

Answer For 2011, General Motors (GM) delivers a diesel engine, the Duramax 6.6L Turbo-Diesel V8, in some of its trucks. Placement of the Duramax in GM's heavy-duty trucks represents an acknowledgment that... Read More »

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Why do diesel trains run on electricity and not diesel engines?

The1 had a good answer.Diesel engines are designed to produce a huge amount of torque, rather than acceleration, but they do it in a very limited RPM range, not much more than 2,000 to 3,000 RPM ma... Read More »

Which Diesel Vehicles Can Burn Vegetable Oil?

In a general sense, any diesel engine can operate on straight vegetable oil (SVO). The problem is that vegetable oil has a much higher viscosity level than diesel fuel and, under normal circumstanc... Read More »

Why there are no diesel engines in 2 wheelers?

diesel engines are economical but have a bad power/weight ratio, on a motorcycle you pretty much want the opposite, that is an engine to be as light and powerful as possible and the engines are sma... Read More »

Can Biodiesel Be Used in New Diesel Engines?

The immediate answer to whether biodiesel can be used in new diesel engines is: Maybe. At one time, practically any diesel engine was B100 (pure biodiesel) compatible. Unfortunately, it is no longe... Read More »