GM Map Sensor Information?

Answer MAP (manifold absolute pressure) sensors are employed on more than half of all fuel-injected engines and are used to regulate air-fuel ratio by measuring manifold vacuum pressure vs. outside air pr... Read More »

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Automobile O2 Sensor Information?

The arrival of the oxygen (O2) sensor opened the door for advancements in fuel injection and emission control systems. Since the 1980s, automobiles have relied more and more on the oxygen sensor an... Read More »

Oxygen Sensor Information?

Oxygen sensors were introduced in 1976. Originally called “lambda sensors” and used on fuel-injected European cars, they were developed to provide a way to monitor the oxygen levels in engine e... Read More »

What Is the Function of Crank Sensor Information?

Crankshaft sensors began to appear on car engines when on-board computers were first being employed to monitor engine systems. The crankshaft sensor is an iron ring that is attached to the cranksha... Read More »

Subaru Knock Sensor Information?

Subaru knock sensors create and send signals to the engine control unit, determining if engine knock is taking place. The ECU adjusts ignition timing as dictated by the information it receives from... Read More »