G.M. 3900 V-6 Engine Specifications?

Answer The GM 3900 V6 engine is also called the 3900 High-Value V6 and is part of the High Value engine series by GM. All of the engines in the High-Value series have 60-degree overhead valves. GM manufac... Read More »

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2003 G.M. 3900 V-6 Engine Specifications?

General Motors introduced the 3900 engine in 2003. The 3.9-liter V-6 had a new feature that allowed the engine to operate on half its cylinders at slower speeds, improving fuel economy and reducing... Read More »

Engine Specifications for a 1966 Oldsmobile 425 Engine?

Oldsmobile first produced the 425 eight-cylinder engine in 1965. The engine was quickly retired in 1967 when it was replaced with the more powerful 455 engine. Rebuilding the engine is a fairly str... Read More »

4.0 Engine Specifications?

Ford has used its 4.0-liter engine in three vehicles---the Ranger, Explorer and Mustang---throughout its production life, which started in 1990. The engine began as the replacement for the oft-brok... Read More »

LT1 V8 Engine Specifications?

The LT1 V8 engine is manufactured by General Motors and was introduced in 1970. The engine was primarily used in its line of Corvette and Camaro sports cars. If you're looking into fixing up an old... Read More »