GIRLS do you hate your periods do you wish you didn't ahve them ever again?

Answer Periods are a *****, I hate them to death. Boys should get them to its not fair.

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You got your periods on 24 May and this month you didnt get your periods also you had fever so you took antibiotic tablet will it effect your pregnancy?

PERIODS! (girls only)?

Most sources will say if you havent gotten it by 16 you should get it checked out, because the passage could be blocked or you might need a pill to jump start your hormones.

Why do girls need periods for!?

So, you can have children and overpopulate the already populated world.

Do girls really have periods?

First, I want to congratulate you! criticism and doubting the all mighty power of the machine is a very rare gift now a day!While yes woman bleed for about a week every month but that doesn't have ... Read More »