GIRLS advise needed stupid question on periods?

Answer There is nothing to be embarassed out. The very first time someone has a period it could show up on their panties. However, then you could change them and use a pad. Maybe you should ask your Mom o... Read More »

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Any advise from where to buy video camera in New Orleans! Probably stupid question, but could you help me wi?

Here it is…Good Luck!

Planning a new digital SLR ,advise needed?

I have extensive experience with the whole line of Nikon DSLR's, including the D80 and four Nikon DX lenses, two pro grade. I often compare my stuff in the field with Canon users, and I know the eq... Read More »

Girls: Perfume advise!?…Try that!My sister has it!it is great and not expensive at all :)

I have a question about periods?

It means your still irregular, give it about another year or two for it to straighten up. Also at your annual doctors well visit, they will ask you a series of questions relating to your period so ... Read More »