GIRLS ONLY!!!!how old were u when?

Answer How old are you? I was 12

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Girls: How old were you when you were allowed to wear makeup?

(girls only) when you were 13?

I was a 32 A when I was 13. It looked like I had no boobs at all! Now I am 15 and I wear a 32 B.

Girls: how old were you when you got your 1st period?

I was 12 and it was smack in the middle of summer...thank god!

Girls,how old were you when you got your first period?

i was in the summer of 6th grade i was going into 7th grade, andd it was not as bad as everyone says it is, just you get a stomach ace under your belly, ha, for a day or to then you just go to the... Read More »