[GIRLS] Do you prefer a skinny guy with a six pack or a well built muscular guy?

Answer They say they like a skinny twig with a six pack, but secretly they love the big bulky guy much more.Trust me on this. I have so much experience on this subject.

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Girls, i want skinny skinny legs...not muscular do i burn fat on my legs?

You can't burn fat in your legs specifically. Your body burns fat from all over. Some people lose weight in some areas more quickly than others, but there isn't a way to target specific areas of ... Read More »

Guys: Do you prefer fat girls or skinny girls?

I was wonderin.. do guys prefer girls hu r fat but nice or skinny but bitchy.?

I've dated women of all shapes and sizes- from 5'0' and 98# to 6'0" and 298#. Cool and nice makes up for a lot of extra pounds, but being too much of a pushover can be as much of a turn-off as bei... Read More »

Do men prefer skinny or curvy women?

I asked this once and got slated for it, most men i know dont like 'skinney' women but they like slim toned sexy women. I personally am a curvy woman and i never have any trouble attracting men and... Read More »