GIRL QUESTION!!! (please answer fast)?

Answer I can totally understand your feelings on this. My mom was similarly insensitive to me when I was your age. She made me sooo uncomfortable about things like this. I remember I used to have to co... Read More »

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Kinda weird question, but i really need an answer and fast!!!?

I don't think you'll have to completely undress...he might ask you to take off your pants but you will also likely get a cloth robe to cover yourself. Remember that doctors are supposed to be very... Read More »

I need an extremely attractive 13-15 year old girl to answer this question please?

Stalk me *****. I'm 14. The obvious answer is i like rape. Duh

Which apointment does the ortho put your braces on please hurry and answer i need the answer FAST!?

Your first appointment is for a consultation where the office looks at you and decides what would be the best treatment options for you. Your second appointment can be a variety of appointments. Yo... Read More »

I got a question about this laptop, Fastest and best answer will recieve Best answer! (Need this info ASAP)?

Yes the Intel i7 3630QM(2.40GHz) in the laptop has turbo boost.Yes the laptop should run the games very good with the Dual NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M SLI graphics.What is Intel Turbo Boost http://en.wi... Read More »