GIMP:I use google images and when i use the scale tool it looks blurry how to fix?

Answer That's because the pictures are too small and get pixelated. You have to get larger images. Or just not rescale them.

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How to take blurry photos or images using digital camera?

Three options are:-Use a long shutter speed and move the camera-Use a filter-Take a normal photo but use software to blur it

How to Fix a Blurry Laptop Screen With Boxed and Squared Images?

If you are experiencing problems with your laptop screen, such as blurry and squared or pixelated images, or both, it could be the result of a faulty connection. The best way to diagnose the proble... Read More »

How do youu upload images onto Google Images?

You don't. Google indexes images by looking at caption text, alt text etc and then simply points to the images it finds. So if you're searchable via google and you have images with the relevant tag... Read More »

Is it illegal to copy images from google images?

Its only illegal to copy images if they have a copyright on them or a copyright watermark. Also some picture's servers will not allow you to download the picture you are looking at, so its best not... Read More »