G. Translate - Russian Phonetics?

Answer I know what you're talking about and I haven't seen anything like that. Maybe cause what you write "privet" someone else is "privyet" and so on, because there's not a single transliteration.If you ... Read More »

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How do I Translate Russian to English Online for Free?

There are more than 275 million native English speakers in the world. To find quality translation from a text written by one of the more than 150 million native Russian speakers around the globe, y... Read More »

How to Write Phonetics?

Phonetic spelling represents the sounds of a word’s pronunciation by having each letter represent the same sound. English spelling requires each letter or combination of letters to represent diff... Read More »

How to Spell With Phonetics?

Phonetics is a branch of linguistics that studies the properties, production and perception of human speech separated from its written ties. Phonemes, the smallest phonetic unit of a language, are ... Read More »

Basics of Phonetics?

Phonetics consists of the study of speech sounds, and involves the creation and production of sound by the human voice. There are several components that combine to produce speech sounds. These in... Read More »