Fuzzy purple flower growing on a vine it looks kind of like a cats tail?

Answer Chose herbs that thrive in the heat, use lots of mulch, in the south east watch for mildew, in the south west use soaker hoses.

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Weed That Looks Like a Vine in the Grass?

The plant genus Tribulus takes its name from the Latin verb "tribo," meaning, "tear." Puncturevine (Tribulus terrestris) lives up to its scientific and common names with barbed seeds sharp enough t... Read More »

Please help find name of flower all I have is that it`s a large purple pom pom like flower which grows high?

Sounds like an ornamental allium (onion family). There are some hybrids which look like perfect pompoms on tall stalks. By the way, when trying to identify plants, it's useful to provide a descript... Read More »

How does lima bean looks like while it is growing?

Can anyone tell me what kind of flower is growing in my yard(picture included)?

They are wild lilies, so pretty, it is so hard to find the bulb to transplant they are awsome. Grandpa used to call the naked ladies, because of no leaves.