Future Proof Computer 6 GB ram?

Answer Upgrade your RAM to 8GB and this computer will withstand casual use for probably 3-4 years minimum. It has great potential and isn't half bad the way it is. I'm glad you realize the RAM is a little... Read More »

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How to Future Proof an Android App?

Google’s Android mobile operating system is an open-source platform that can be licensed and used by any smartphone or tablet manufacturer. There is also an Android SDK (Software Development Kit)... Read More »

How to Cat Proof Your Computer?

Some editing help.Many cats seem to be fascinated with computers, maybe it's the warm place on top of the monitor, maybe it's that enticing clicking sound, or maybe it's because this thing is steal... Read More »

How to Baby Proof Your Computer?

Half of the computers in America get ruined by little kids. If you want your computer to stick around for a bit read this article on how to baby proof your computer.

The Best Computer Jobs for the Future?

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