Furniture Styles: Sofas?

Answer Though a myriad of styles can be found throughout American living rooms, nearly all feature at their center the largest piece of furniture most people own other than a bed: a couch. Also called a s... Read More »

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When you go to a furniture/bedroom shop, do you try out the beds and sofas..?

How to Mix Furniture Styles?

Confining your decor to a particular period or style can feel restrictive and stuffy, but freely mixing styles poses a number of unique design problems. Putting together tables, chairs, cabinets, b... Read More »

Popular Furniture Styles?

Furniture is the most abundant element in a well-designed home and understanding furniture styles is the first step in purchasing furniture pieces. From early Tudor gothic styles to modern and cont... Read More »

Styles of Country Furniture?

Country interior design styles may be identified by country, such as French, English or Irish country, or American. They may also be associated with certain design types such as rustic or cottage. ... Read More »